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Co-Director of Penn State’s COIL Program, Larry Ragan

Larry Ragan visited Alaska to check up on his son, a student in Anchorage, and to speak with us about the subject that is always on our minds here at eLearning: education as it is […]

May, 30

eLearning & Distance Education’s Media Room

Seeing as I just got married (YAY), the next Digital Beards won’t be out this go around. However, in its stead, I have the perfect pitch for the faculty and students at UAF: eLearning & […]

Jul, 29

Digital Beards 2 – iTeach

iTeach is a regularly delivered, Faculty Development program developed here at eLearning and Distance Education. Primarily we serve UA faculty, leading them through sessions on the various technologies which are coming to education and cultivating […]

Apr, 16


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