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DB 14 – Oxford’s Effective Online Tutoring Course

I spoke with friend and colleague, Owen Guthrie, about a course he recently took from Oxford. Being an Oxford course, perhaps it isn’t so strange that it cost £700. But, considering the fact that it […]

Jan, 25

Digital Beards 2 – iTeach

iTeach is a regularly delivered, Faculty Development program developed here at eLearning and Distance Education. Primarily we serve UA faculty, leading them through sessions on the various technologies which are coming to education and cultivating […]

Apr, 16

The iTeach Podcast 006 – What defines a MOOC?

REVISION MADE: 3/19 @ 4:39 pm Hello everyone, and welcome to the iTeach Podcast. Typed out, you’ll have noticed. Let me explain. While I was at ASTE, I spoke with Lee Graham, Chip McMillan and […]

Mar, 27

The iTeach Podcast 005 – What is badging? What is gamification?

This past week at the Alaska Society for Education (ASTE) conference in Anchorage, I met a whole lot of great people with interesting ideas about education. Two of those people were Nicole Fuerst and Matthew […]

Mar, 27

iTeach Podcast 004 – What is good online education?

A clarification: I spoke with UAF eLearning & Distance Education’s Program Manager about the future of online education, the debate surrounding online education’s quality, and, MOOCs. During the interview, we make distinctions between MOOCs and […]

Mar, 27

iTeach Podcast 003 – How do we help students by teaching them comics?

Note: Next week’s scheduled podcast, due to be released on Monday, January 7th, will not happen due to the holiday break. The iTeach Podcast’s normal schedule will resume on the 21st of January.   Nick […]

Mar, 26

iTeach Podcast 002 – Why didn’t my tenth grade teacher make me start a blog?

UAF Department of Ed faculty-member Skip Via joined me to talk about technology in the classroom. He makes the case for K-12 schools to be more open to using technology in classroom and encouraging students […]

Mar, 26


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