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DB 16 – Valve’s Incredible Pixar Studio for your Home: Source Filmmaker

It’s been out for 2 years, and I’ve only just discovered it. And yet: Valve’s Source Filmmaker has blown my mind. Check it out. See what’s possible for you, and your students, with this free […]

Jul, 22

Co-Director of Penn State’s COIL Program, Larry Ragan

Larry Ragan visited Alaska to check up on his son, a student in Anchorage, and to speak with us about the subject that is always on our minds here at eLearning: education as it is […]

May, 30

Video in the Classroom

Recently, I presented (from the studio where I regularly record Digital Beards) on assigning video activities to students over Hangouts on Air, with the assistance of Rob Prince, Dan LaSota and Owen Guthrie. Dan and Owen […]

Apr, 12

DB 12 – Serious Fun Part 1 (UAA)

I spoke with Jeanetter Renaudineau, Instructional Designer at the University of Alaska Anchorage, about the upcoming event she and other designers at UAA, along with designers here at UAF, are putting on in April: Serious […]

Dec, 10

DB 11 – How to Cartoon with Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith returned to the media room to lead us through his process for cartooning, and effectively gave a Cartooning 101 course which he’d like to share out for all you doodlers out there–you know […]

Nov, 02

Digital Beards 10 – Alan Levine, DS106, and the Internet

I sat down with Alan Levine, one of the teachers behind the fantastic online storytelling and media-creation community, DS106 (which is also a for-credit course at the university where Levine has been teaching, the University […]

Oct, 18

Digital Beards 7 – The Creative Blogging Assignment, Novelette

Hello all, Due to the rush around the beginning of the semester, I was unable to conduct an interview for Digital Beards this week. However, preparations for my own Creative Writing Workshop have given me […]

Sep, 02


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