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DB 13 – Christopher Lee Miles’ Antigone

Digital Beards, stalled for a month by the holidays and then by the onset of the Spring Semester, resume now on the year 2014. As the inaugural podcast, I am honored to share with you […]

Jan, 11 · in english

DB 12 – Serious Fun Part 1 (UAA)

I spoke with Jeanetter Renaudineau, Instructional Designer at the University of Alaska Anchorage, about the upcoming event she and other designers at UAA, along with designers here at UAF, are putting on in April: Serious […]

Dec, 10 · in Gamification

The Promise of SkyBox

No podcast this week; we had some icestorm activity last week and it really messed up everyones’ schedules. So here is an article on space and the future and awesomeness instead. Hope you enjoy. SkyBox […]

Nov, 19

DB 11 – How to Cartoon with Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith returned to the media room to lead us through his process for cartooning, and effectively gave a Cartooning 101 course which he’d like to share out for all you doodlers out there–you know […]

Nov, 02

Digital Beards 10 – Alan Levine, DS106, and the Internet

I sat down with Alan Levine, one of the teachers behind the fantastic online storytelling and media-creation community, DS106 (which is also a for-credit course at the university where Levine has been teaching, the University […]

Oct, 18

Digital Beards 9 – Jamie Smith and the Craft of Comics

Jamie Smith joined me to talk about comics, education, and craft. This is the first part of what turned out to be a two-parter; next week I’ll post the part of our conversation that addressed […]

Oct, 03

Digital Beards 8 – Alaskan Educators: Watch for upcoming gaming conference

Hello all, I am sad to say that my interview with Jamie Smith, for this week’s planned podcast, corrupted somehow. Not the file–the sound. The first few minutes are fine (the minutes wherein I stop […]

Sep, 18
Digital Beards is a twice-monthly podcast covering the intersection of education and technology, put on by eLearning and Distance Education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


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