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Google Calendar Appointment Slots – DB Tutorial Numero UNO!

Hey all! I’ve decided to supplement some of my podcasts with vidcasts as well. Since vidcasts are so great for giving tutorials, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and use this as […]

Aug, 21

Co-Director of Penn State’s COIL Program, Larry Ragan

Larry Ragan visited Alaska to check up on his son, a student in Anchorage, and to speak with us about the subject that is always on our minds here at eLearning: education as it is […]

May, 30

Digital Beards 7 – The Creative Blogging Assignment, Novelette

Hello all, Due to the rush around the beginning of the semester, I was unable to conduct an interview for Digital Beards this week. However, preparations for my own Creative Writing Workshop have given me […]

Sep, 02

Digital Beards 6 – A class on cultural power dynamics within a class on writing about tech

I spoke with my friend and fellow English Teacher, Ryan Bateman, about an upcoming ENGL 213 (Writing About the Sciences) course which he has tailored to focus on the evolving power-dynamic issues stirred up by […]

Aug, 15

Digital Beards 2 – iTeach

iTeach is a regularly delivered, Faculty Development program developed here at eLearning and Distance Education. Primarily we serve UA faculty, leading them through sessions on the various technologies which are coming to education and cultivating […]

Apr, 16

The iTeach Podcast 006 – What defines a MOOC?

REVISION MADE: 3/19 @ 4:39 pm Hello everyone, and welcome to the iTeach Podcast. Typed out, you’ll have noticed. Let me explain. While I was at ASTE, I spoke with Lee Graham, Chip McMillan and […]

Mar, 27

iTeach Podcast 004 – What is good online education?

A clarification: I spoke with UAF eLearning & Distance Education’s Program Manager about the future of online education, the debate surrounding online education’s quality, and, MOOCs. During the interview, we make distinctions between MOOCs and […]

Mar, 27


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