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DB 16 – Valve’s Incredible Pixar Studio for your Home: Source Filmmaker

It’s been out for 2 years, and I’ve only just discovered it. And yet: Valve’s Source Filmmaker has blown my mind. Check it out. See what’s possible for you, and your students, with this free […]

Jul, 22

DB 15 – SXSW with Dan LaSota and Owen Guthrie P1

I sat down with my ID colleagues here at eLearning, Owen Guthrie and Dan LaSota, who had just come back from South by Southwest where they’d delivered a workshop on badging and gamification. In this, […]

Mar, 17

DB 12 – Serious Fun Part 1 (UAA)

I spoke with Jeanetter Renaudineau, Instructional Designer at the University of Alaska Anchorage, about the upcoming event she and other designers at UAA, along with designers here at UAF, are putting on in April: Serious […]

Dec, 10

The iTeach Podcast 005 – What is badging? What is gamification?

This past week at the Alaska Society for Education (ASTE) conference in Anchorage, I met a whole lot of great people with interesting ideas about education. Two of those people were Nicole Fuerst and Matthew […]

Mar, 27


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