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Google Calendar Appointment Slots – DB Tutorial Numero UNO!

Hey all! I’ve decided to supplement some of my podcasts with vidcasts as well. Since vidcasts are so great for giving tutorials, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and use this as […]

Aug, 21 · in Google,Pedagogy

DB 16 – Valve’s Incredible Pixar Studio for your Home: Source Filmmaker

It’s been out for 2 years, and I’ve only just discovered it. And yet: Valve’s Source Filmmaker has blown my mind. Check it out. See what’s possible for you, and your students, with this free […]

Jul, 22 · in Gamification,transmedia

Co-Director of Penn State’s COIL Program, Larry Ragan

Larry Ragan visited Alaska to check up on his son, a student in Anchorage, and to speak with us about the subject that is always on our minds here at eLearning: education as it is […]

May, 30

Video in the Classroom

Recently, I presented (from the studio where I regularly record Digital Beards) on assigning video activities to students over Hangouts on Air, with the assistance of Rob Prince, Dan LaSota and Owen Guthrie. Dan and Owen […]

Apr, 12

DB 15 – SXSW with Dan LaSota and Owen Guthrie P1

I sat down with my ID colleagues here at eLearning, Owen Guthrie and Dan LaSota, who had just come back from South by Southwest where they’d delivered a workshop on badging and gamification. In this, […]

Mar, 17

Favorite Podcasts

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone awhile, for which I am sorry. Well, not really. I am recently returned from my honeymoon. So no: sorry is the wrong word. Now that I’m back and caught up, […]

Mar, 07

DB 14 – Oxford’s Effective Online Tutoring Course

I spoke with friend and colleague, Owen Guthrie, about a course he recently took from Oxford. Being an Oxford course, perhaps it isn’t so strange that it cost £700. But, considering the fact that it […]

Jan, 25
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