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This article was written on 02 Nov 2013, and is filled under Comics and Education.

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DB 11 – How to Cartoon with Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith returned to the media room to lead us through his process for cartooning, and effectively gave a Cartooning 101 course which he’d like to share out for all you doodlers out there–you know who you are. Due to the drying time of India ink he wasn’t able to put a wash on the piece he started in front of the camera, so he moved on to another couple of pieces which he’d only started doing the washes on (in the video). If you’re curious to see how the “Marketing” cartoon turned out in the end, you can stop by our offices at eLearning–he gave us the original and we put it up on the wall. Or, you can look below:



Or, see the scanned version which goes out in the paper:


The first sketch:


And always remember the humble beginning for this strip, which was merely a thought on some crumpled paper taped into Jamie’s journal a little while ago:



As always, Jamie was a fantastic guest and (I think the video shows) a great teacher. It was a pleasure having him in the studio.


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