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This article was written on 18 Oct 2013, and is filled under transmedia.

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Digital Beards 10 – Alan Levine, DS106, and the Internet

I sat down with Alan Levine, one of the teachers behind the fantastic online storytelling and media-creation community, DS106 (which is also a for-credit course at the university where Levine has been teaching, the University of Mary Washington), which has been a dynamo of student creativity, online, for the last few years. He and I talked about what it’s like to be at (or near, or acting as, or defying?) the center of a course which is designed to be as dynamic, relational, and rule-defying as the Internet. We also talk about how important it is that students develop a sense of ownership with the Internet, and how the University of Mary Washington assists its students with this by giving each of its incoming freshman his or her very own domain, which they may define as they wish.

Alan came up to Fairbanks to be a featured speaker at UAF’s TechFest 2013, and stuck around to give a great community presentation for the Fairbanks Arts Society wherein there was some improv, a lot of discussion, and a few gnomes. He’s a great guy, and I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation, as I hope you’ll check out DS106.


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  • Featured image Levine’s doggy banner for Strange effect of time and memory: when I think of Alan, I see this dog.

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