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Digital Beards 9 – Jamie Smith and the Craft of Comics

Jamie Smith joined me to talk about comics, education, and craft. This is the first part of what turned out to be a two-parter; next week I’ll post the part of our conversation that addressed more the intersection of education and comics. Here, we’re talking about craft. He, coming from a comics/cartooning background, and I coming from a writing background, found a great deal of overlap in our artistic processes. Cool conversation. Cool guy. Check out his blog at¬†for some more of his thoughts and art, some of which is below, including the “Logan’s Run” comic that we talk about in the podcast.

Logan's Run, from Jaime Smith's journal

Logan’s Run, from Jaime Smith’s journal

"The Turdis" by Jaime Smith, in his journal

“The Turdis” by Jaime Smith, in his journal


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