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Digital Beards 8 – Alaskan Educators: Watch for upcoming gaming conference

Hello all,

I am sad to say that my interview with Jamie Smith, for this week’s planned podcast, corrupted somehow. Not the file–the sound. The first few minutes are fine (the minutes wherein I stop the recording and do a playback, just to make sure; irony), but then it seems someone may have let a bee  into the recording studio. It’s difficult to tell, at first. It seems only to be buzzing when either Jamie or I are making a sound.

Quickly, the bee grows louder, harsher. It isn’t a bee anymore–it’s a card that’s been sucked into a fan, then it’s two people arguing through electric kazoos, then it’s like a radio station on the other side of a mountain range. We might have been ghostly conversations in the film PoltergeistAnd, there’s this weird echo! That echo makes me think it is something in the communication between the sound board and the computer, which are connected via firewire, or something in Logic Pro which just freaked out, finally. I don’t believe I can salvage the interview, though I’m going continue trying. Jamie knows, and we’re pretty psyched to sit down together again, so there’s that. He’s a gracious dude.

Anyhow, in light of the absence of audio, I’m doing a little plug for a conference my colleague, Dallas Budden, is putting together with other designers from UAA and UAS. The subject of the conference will be gaming and education, and they’ll begin taking submissions for presentations in October, setting up a prospective conference date of late next year. As you may know, gaming in education fascinates me, and Dallas is a real strong study of it, so it was a pleasure to talk with her, and, as you’ll hear in the podcast, she’s still taking suggestions for the conference and won’t be able to forever, so if you have any ideas for it, let her or I know by commenting below.



Featured image by Richard Bartle, from Designing Virtual Worlds

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