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This article was written on 16 Apr 2013, and is filled under Badging, Pedagogy.

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Digital Beards 2 – iTeach

iTeach is a regularly delivered, Faculty Development program developed here at eLearning and Distance Education. Primarily we serve UA faculty, leading them through sessions on the various technologies which are coming to education and cultivating discussions about the ramifications of tech coming to education. We really want to spread the word about iTeach, because it’s a great experience, so if you’re interested in applying for one please go to and do so.

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In order to discuss iTeach, I spoke with the program’s developer, Madara Mason. In addition to talking up our next iTeach, May 20th to 24th, the two of us discuss education’s technological shift, the responsibility of faculty to initiate their own introductions to online and hybrid education, and the eternal fundamentals of good teaching. It’s a good talk, a little longer than the other podcasts have been, and I’m glad you could join us.

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