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This article was written on 02 Apr 2013, and is filled under Augmented Reality.

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Digital Beards 1 – What is AR?

I spoke with my friend and colleague, Jennifer Moss, about Augmented Reality because she recently produced the Captain Cook Augmented Reality Experience for ASTE (the Alaska Society for Technology in Education), at the Captain Cook Hotel, this last February. CCARE involved the augmentation of 17 of the hotel’s paintings and prints, each augmentation supplementing the content with additional information and context curated and created by our eLearning design team. Each painting also came with a quiz, which drew its questions from the provided, supplemental info.

The result was immersive, sharp, informative, and popular. Three-hundred and fifty-three quizzes were submitted, providing us with a wealth of metrics and a whole lot of interest in how we accomplished it. What surprised many faculty is how easy the process is, which leads me to a secondary question: Why isn’t AR more popular in education today? Jennifer and I touch upon that issue, but it is something I would like to return to.

In the meantime, if you’re especially interested in the process of AR and the excellent example Jennifer set helming the CCARE project, check out more about CCARE here.



  • The Sound of Animals Fighting. “Overture,” Tiger and the Duke. Stars and Satellite Records, 2005.

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